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The Lexware Assembly Reference Tool allows you to change ‘hard-coded’ assembly reference paths to flexible reference paths which change depending on the solution configuration.

After installing and starting the Add-In you can open the assembly reference tool via the Visual Studio tools menu.

The tool detects ‘Debug’ or ‘Release’ in the assembly reference path and marks the assembly in red to show you the potential problem you have, when you build the project in another configuration.

You only need to press a button and all these paths will be converted to paths which depend on the configuration of the project.

Additionally the tool provides the following features:

  • Change the ‘Copy Local’ property
  • Manipulate the ‘Special Version’ property
  • Edit the assembly reference path (‘HintPath’)
  • Convert a project reference into an assembly references
  • Delete an assembly reference


Download Lexware Assembly Reference Tool for Visual Studio 2010.

For older versions and further information, especially on how the source code works, see

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